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TEG Manager® 

The TEG® 6s analyzer is a connected device, with multiple TEG analyzers able to network via a user interface to TEG Manager software. Data from multiple devices can be centralized, with remote access to any connected TEG analyzer, no matter where it is located. The TEG 6s system is easy to use for near-patient testing, and physicians can view both active and historical test results to inform their treatment decisions. TEG Manager software contains two components: TEG Viewer to analyze test results, and Device Manager for administration of all connected TEG 6s devices. These components are accessible anywhere in the hospital/institute network, with no need to install a desktop client, reducing the IT burden on the hospital.


The TEG® Viewer interface is functional, user-friendly and simple to use, displaying active and historical test results in near real-time. It is possible to review one test or multiple tests, search for past results, and invite others to see what you are viewing. When a sample is scanned, TEG Manager® software is able to retrieve patient’s information from the hospital network and request confirmation of sample identification.


For lab managers and administrators, devices are simple to administer. Device Manager provides a dashboard for viewing the status of all connected TEG® 6s analyzers in the institution, including operation, calibration, status, logs, firmware and cartridge configuration. This data can then be used to generate operational reports.